What is CAIRE all about?

CAIRE is a unique professional organization dedicated to building the scientific foundation of optimal immunization programs. CAIRE members are individuals in Canada involved in conducting or supporting vaccine research and immunization program development, evaluation and training.



Infectious diseases


Public health

Immunization program management

Clinical trials


Technology assessment

Social and behavioural science

Nursing research

Epidemiology and biostatistics



Funders of vaccine reasearch and immunization programs

Mission and Goals

CAIRE’s mission is to encourage and enhance vaccinology research and immunization program evaluation to provide Canadians and other global partners timely access to new and improved vaccines and optimal programs. To achieve these ends, collaboration and networking among Canadian stakeholders is essential to ensure that multi-disciplinary experts and facilities exist nationally. 

The CAIRE mission is achieved by the following goals:

  • To build capacity in Canada by promoting a positive climate for vaccine research and program development and evaluation

  • Promote collaboration and networking activities across multi-disciplinary fields of stakeholders and partners

  • Support and promote the strategic identification of knowledge and evidence gaps and encourage and facilitate the necessary research

  • Encourage excellence in research and program evaluation through ongoing advanced education initiatives

  • Support and encourage careers in vaccinology research and program evaluation

  • Strategic emphasis on public health needs and priorities with a broad range of involvements, spanning all vaccines and all age groups

  • Support of rapid application of research to policy-making

  • Facilitate access to a wide range of research platforms for responsiveness to urgent public health priorities

  • Represent the interests of vaccine researchers with agencies, organizations and others that sponsor or encourage pertinent research and program evaluation