3rd International Neonatal & Maternal Immunisation Symposium (INMIS-2015)

Global Strategies for Global Impact 4th-6th November, 2015 The 2015 International Neonatal & Maternal Immunisation Symposium (INMIS) will be held in The Gabmia, West Africa from November 4-6, 2015. Over the last few years, a number of clinical trials have enrolled mothers and infants into vaccine studies, including in Africa. This next INMIS will assess […]
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CIC2014: AVALON – Advanced Vaccinology Learning Online

CAIRE, Public Health Ontario, and Public Health Agency of Canada have formed a partnership to develop and pilot an advanced vaccinology course (termed AVALON – Advanced Vaccinology Learning Online) via Skills Enhancement for Public Health. Vaccines and immunization programs are complex, requiring advanced technology to develop and utilization of intricate methods to evaluate, and there are […]
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Connecting Canadian Vaccinologists

The CAIRE membership represents over 140 researchers and stakeholders from more than 30 institutions across Canada. Membership includes most of the “translational” vaccine experts involved in vaccine and program development, evaluation and training.

Membership provides an opportunity to share, connect, and collaborate within Canada for evaluation of new vaccines, building the rationale for new public programs and optimizing public immunization programs.

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