Vaccinology Research Symposium

CAIRE is very pleased to be collaborating with the UBC Department of Pediatrics, the Division of Infectious Diseases, and CFRI to host a Vaccinology Research Symposium on November 5th and 6th.  This Symposium or Festschrift is in celebration of the more than 38 years that Dr. David Scheifele has dedicated to improving health through prevention […]
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Results from the 2013 childhood National Immunization Coverage Survey (cNICS) released by PHAC

Results from the 2013 National Immunization Coverage Survey have been released by the Public Health Agency of Canada. This survey is the first with a sample size large enough to estimate provincial and territorial levels of immunization coverage. The 2013 cNICS was conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada. Read the report […]
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Experts gather to discuss gaps in Maternal Immunization

Landscape Analysis of the Immunobiology of Maternal Immunization May 25-27, 2015 Experts from around the world gathered in Vancouver, BC to discuss key knowledge gaps in pregnancy and early life immunity in relation to maternal immunization.  Results of the Maternal Immunization Workshop will guide future research directions to reduce newborn and infant morbidity and mortality. […]
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3rd International Neonatal & Maternal Immunisation Symposium (INMIS-2015)

Global Strategies for Global Impact 4th-6th November, 2015 The 2015 International Neonatal & Maternal Immunisation Symposium (INMIS) will be held in The Gabmia, West Africa from November 4-6, 2015. Over the last few years, a number of clinical trials have enrolled mothers and infants into vaccine studies, including in Africa. This next INMIS will assess […]
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Connecting Canadian Vaccinologists

The CAIRE membership represents over 140 researchers and stakeholders from more than 30 institutions across Canada. Membership includes most of the “translational” vaccine experts involved in vaccine and program development, evaluation and training.

Membership provides an opportunity to share, connect, and collaborate within Canada for evaluation of new vaccines, building the rationale for new public programs and optimizing public immunization programs.

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