Student Travel Bursary Award Winners | CIC2016

11 students who submitted abstracts for the Vaccinology Student Research Program (VSRP) received a travel bursary to attend the VSRP and CIC2016.

Congratulations to:
– Ashleigh McGirr (University of Toronto)
– Joanne McNair (Dalhousie University)
– Constantina Boikos (McGill University)– Sarah Buchan (University of Toronto)
– Gabrielle Gaultier (Lakehead University)
– Joseline Zafack (Laval University)
– Byron Brook (University of British Columbia)
– Jennifer Tam (University of Toronto)
– Elisabeth McClymont (University of British Columbia)
– May Elsherif (Dalhousie University)
– Maryline Vivion (Laval University)
– Michelle Simeoni (U of Waterloo)
– Thilina Bandara (U of Saskatchewan)

VSRP is sponsored by CAIRE and the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada