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Conference attendees heard how infants under 3 months of age infected with pertussis are at most risk of hospitalization and death. Immunization of the mother against pertussis in the third trimester improves the health of the baby and mom. | Dr. Halperin during Plenary I: Pregnancy – A time to vaccinate (recipient of 2014 Distinguished Lecture in Canadian Immunization Award)

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“There are 5 Ebola species with 3 that cause severe human disease” | Dr.Judie Alimonti

“Cdn study w/ ~10k women showed that babies whose mom’s were vaccinated for influenza had higher birth weights” | Dr. Yudin

“Influenza vaccine during pregnancy protects mom, fetus, and newborn” | Dr. Halperin

What is the role of emotions in decision making? Providing information on vaccine and disease are not always enough. when a person is anxious they will have an increased perception of risk | Dr. Vicki Leblanc

Anthropologists study why some parents hesitate about vaccination kids (video) | Dr. Eve Dubé and Dr. David Scheifele interviewed

Photographer talked about raising awareness about meningococcal disease with powerful images of the disease | Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes tackles meningococcal disease in a powerful exhibit (see video)